1. Watching live sport should be affordable for all.
  2. The majority of live sport should be broadcast on terrestrial television, or other equally accessible platforms.
  3. Every club should be able to reach the top.
  4. Money should never be a determining factor in victory or defeat.
  5. To play in the most prestigious tournaments you should have to be the best.
  6. Sport should be truly global.
  7. Club owners and sports administrators should be accountable to the fans.
  8. Male and female athletes should receive equal pay and equal recognition.
  9. Racism, homophobia, transphobia and any other forms of discrimination should be met with a zero tolerance approach.

These nine pledges are the driving force behind Chugby and this blog. They represent everything sport should be. Exciting, fair, ethical and sustainable. Some may seem impossible, others vague, some could already be argued to be the case. The purpose of this blog is to analyse these points, to flesh them out. To find their merits, to consider their potential pitfalls. But, most of all to find a way to make them possible. This, hopefully, is the beginning of a process, to turn these nine quite poorly written pledges, into a thriving international sport of the future.

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